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RealSport is a fan-oriented sports media platform that is committed to providing fans with the all the latest from across the globe in a pop-up, fake news and click-bait free environment. RealSport serves its user base of 5.5 million with nothing but original high quality content, from Football and NBA to Mixed Martial Arts and League of Legends.

We believe it’s all about providing real fans the highest quality original and unique content, written by real sports fans, alongside insightful analysis of breaking news that brings fan-oriented journalism to new heights. Our forward thinking commitment to new media also means we provide exclusive video documentaries, bringing to light the realities of the sporting world we all love.

When RealSport launched in July 2015, we covered only Soccer and the UFC – in the space of just 18 months we had expanded our coverage to include: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Pro Wrestling, FIFA, Madden, Football Manager, League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby, AFL and Tennis – and this list is ever growing.

We’re always looking for talented new writers with a passion for sport to join the team; if you would like to write for us and have your articles featured and seen by our 5.5m user base, feel free to fill out our write for us form. You can also view our editors here.